Smart Lighting


Home automation has become part of our everyday lives at my home. One of the main advantages is that it gives us the power to control lighting from not only our smartphone or tablet but also with voice commands using Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Smart lighting is a term used to bring home automation technology into lighting control. Without having to change your existing lighting products, the B.One Hub ( brings Intelligent Lighting Control into your home through wireless technology. It is a retrofit solution and takes minimal effort to install. It must be done through qualified electricians. If you want to keep it simple and in the DIY space, B.One does support WIFI lighting products such as LIFx and Philips HUE bulbs.

The Light Factory offers a range of Smart lighting solutions. Depending on the application, we can recommend a suitable and cost effective solution. We have completed Smart Lighting across Cafes, Motels, Medical Centres, Restaurants, Office Lighting, Warehouse and plenty of homes and apartments.

Here are some of the ways in which we use smart lighting at home:

  • Setting lights to turn ‘ON’ and ‘OFF’ at scheduled times with just a few clicks or voice commands as well through Chatbots - Facebook messenger (fancy that!).
  • Giving voice commands for the lights to turn ‘ON’ ‘OFF’ and ‘DIM’, especially while juggling cooking and getting the kids ready to sit at the dinner table! This has helped tremendously with ensuring that we can switch OFF the trail of lights from the bathroom to the living area easily (imagine the saving in our Electricity bills!).
  • Illuminating our home before we return, so it’s lit up and bright. This is quite important, especially for a person like me who is afraid of the dark. I don’t have to stumble inside looking for the switches or be concerned if there is an intruder lurking in the dark! Light Factory’s Smart Lighting solutions has not only helped making my life smarter and easier, but it also assisted me with added peace of mind through the security features.
  • I have also during our holidays set timers to turn my lights on and off at particular times to make it looked “lived in”.
  • My kids absolutely love the command where we can turn on ‘movie mode’ and the lights in our movie theatre have the right mood lighting.

The features are endless and you can change it or program it to choose your lifestyle. It is quite user friendly and the team at The Light Factory can install and guide you.

Now something that is not to be ignored and is probably one of the main advantages of smart lighting is the energy saving aspect of it. Naturally when appropriate lights are used at the appropriate times you will notice improvements with your electricity bills. I have seen a big drop in my bills for sure. My family is more aware and have been playing an active part in only using as much energy as required as they have become more aware.

Of all the things smart lighting can do in our lives one particular thing that I caught myself thinking was “At least someone listens to my instructions !!”

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