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Want to save at least $600 a year on Energy Bills?*

Introducing for the first time in Australia, the B.One Smart Home Automation Starter Kit. Hub is the world’s smartest Home Automation Smart Hub (;

Great Reviews Online; Featured in the World’s largest Consumer Electronics show CES 2017, held in Jan 2017 – Las Vegas, USA.

The B.One Hub is a Smart Home Automation solution that is Affordable yet Sophisticated and is packed with features.

The B.One Home Automation Solution is for you if you:

  • Forget to turn off your Lights, Air Conditioners, TV, Iron, Coffee Machine, Oven, etc. (you are wasting $$$ every day).
  • Are a multi-user of shared services/accommodation such as kids, family, room-mates and there is always one person who forgets to turn off the appliances, lights, etc.
  • Want a simple yet reliable and sophisticated Security System to monitor your home without any installation and get notified instantly where ever you are in the world. You will only need your smart phone and the B.One Hub Automation solution to give you this piece of mind.
  • A Greenie, wanting to minimise Carbon Emissions by reducing wastage.
  • A technology buff wanting to show off our home to your friends and family, controlling your home remotely through your phone, voice or even just by your actions.
  • Allow remote operations such as un-locking your door/garage to let the cleaners in, etc.

If this is you, then invest in the B.One Home Automation system today and save smarter and live happier. Eliminate the stress in your life when you remember that you left the lights on and other appliances that could also be a potential fire hazard.

Past Offers

HIA 2017 Sydney & Melbourne Home Show Offer

HIA Show Special Offer 20% off on the final invoice (limited time until 30th April 2017). Use the coupon code “HIA-2017“. This offer is not valid for the Starter Kit. For the starter kit, see below.

HIA 2017 Sydney & Melbourne Home Show Offer – B.One Starter Kit

Experience the simplicity of home automation through this Starter Kit. Regular price $1,250.00, HIA Show Special Offer $999.00 (limited time until 30th April 2017). Use the coupon code “HIA-STARTER“.


This package is designed to secure your home or business, with the minimum products to get you started. Installation is simple and can be setup within 2 hours. Note: You must have a stable Internet connection and a Wireless Router to use this product. You must also have a Smart Mobile Phone / Tablet that is capable of running the B.One App from either Apple Store (IOS version) or from the Google Play Store (Android version).

This introductory package consists of:

  • 1x B.One Hub Standard
  • 2x B.One Motion Detectors
  • 2x B.One Open/Close Door sensors
  • 1x B.One Siren
  • 2 hours of Setup and Installation of the Hub, sensors and the B.One App on your Smart Phone at your home*

* For Homes within Adelaide & Sydney CBD and metropolitan areas.

All products contain 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The B.One Hub Starter Kit makes home automation easily accessible to Australian homes.

If you are new to Home Automation, we recommend the Home Upgrade Starter Kit to get you excited about turning your Home into a Smart Home.

Once you have become comfortable with this product and its features, you can then add Smart Lighting controls, Thermostats, Water flow controls, etc. at a later stage, to enhance your Home Automation experience. A good home automation system will automate some of your day to day chores in your home as well as reduce energy costs by up to 50%* , by using your devices & appliances smarter.

Talk to us and we will assist you in educating you about the product as well as to coordinate the installation and setup. We provide a complete turnkey solution to assist with the B.One Smart Home experience.

For more information on the B.One Hub, please visit and

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* This is only an estimate based on average consumer usage patterns. Actual results will vary from user to user.